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About Us

Welcome to Kiddo Kids School

Kiddo Kids is a pre-school venture established in the year 2015 to embrace the challenges in the area of child education & development. We are committed to cater the growing needs of children. We have adopted revolutionary teaching & learning methods that keep children engaged and motivated. Children's intellectual, physical & social aspects are so cultivated as to build them for tomorrow’s challenges. Our venture has always dedicated its efforts for the development of children.

Early childhood education is the joy of discovering the outside world of learning, to venture out from the cocoon of the mother's protective care. It is to unravel the mysteries of sounds and shapes, colours and textures, letters and numbers, which will enrich a child's experience.

Our qualified and trained teachers efficiently use the right equipment and tools to enhance the all round development of every child, recognizing his or her individual talents and needs.

  • Value based education Good discipline
  • Small challenging classes with one-on-one attention
  • Focus on moral, ethical and social decision-making.
  • Service and outreach are built into school days with wide range of opportunities
  • Momai Global, Mira road gives individual attention.
  • Clubs and activities provide flexible leadership opportunities
  • We know our students as individuals.
  • Children get every opportunity in Momai.
  • Children take center stage in everything: academics, student government, athletics, sports and games.
  • Helps children to discover, test and develop their unique talents with confidence.
  • Our integration of technology inspires and motivates children through creativity and communication.

Our Vision

Our Mission is to surpass all the limitations in the current child education & development system and thereby achieve the best result. We offer today's youth a solid foundation in life that's built on sound education, good values, physical and mental wellbeing along with strong interpersonal skills.

Our Mission

We believe in making our students world-class learners by developing in them a confidence and thirst for knowledge, enabling them to realize their talents and create their future.