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Welcome to Momai Global School

We break the myth in “Momai Global School & Kiddo Kids” One of The Best Schools in Mira Road. Welcome to our world with a difference! Today we live in a large village, which encompasses the entire world. So, we need to nurture the young bright minds in that direction. National education can score goals short-term, but sustain them in the long- term. Equipped with a set of qualified teaching staff, we are well poised to get the best out of your children. Every child is special to us! A rechilding future awaits you!

Why choose Momai school?

Finding the best school for your child is an important decision for every parent. Schools play an important role in determining the kind of individual their child becomes. We at Momai Global School realize this, and provide the highest standards and the richest learning experiences. That is why Momai Global School is such a special place for every child.

Emphasis is laid on

Experiential learning

Stage exposure

Personality Grooming Sessions

Creative Lessons

Activities to improve fine and gross motor skills.

Teaching Your Child Some Good Manners